Guide to Choosing Cufflinks

Guide to Choosing Cufflinks

The modern day cufflinks are versatile enough to be used for most occasions, both formal or informal. You may wear it to the office, wedding dinners or a casual night out. With the wide variety of cufflinks available these days, you may start your very own cufflinks collection to have the pair for every occasion. Let us help you to get started with our simple guide.

1. Work

Traditionally, cufflinks are a symbol of authority and power where only the elite would wear them. In the modern day office setting, it is generally acceptable to wear cufflinks if your outfit permits. For the young executive men, you may wish to stick to something more classic to avoid coming across as being too flamboyant. Cufflinks in muted colours like silver, black, blue with small crystals or enamel cufflinks can still bring out the style in you when worn correctly. It should still be observed that the big, elaborate and ornate cufflinks is best reserved for men in positions of authority.

2. Informal Occasions

You may choose to wear a pair of cufflinks that screams your style when it comes to informal occasions. Cufflinks with outrageous designs, crystals and vivid volours makes you stand out from the crowd. Based on feedback and personal experiences, novelty and fun cufflinks can be a great conversation starter so you may want to keep a few pairs in your collection!

3. Colour

The colour of the cufflinks are very important and carefully chosen to match the colour tones of the shirt. If you are wearing ties or tie pins, it may not be necessary to buy them as a set but it is essential that you do not end up as a walking colour palette of jewellery.

4. Cufflinks as a gift

Cufflinks make great gifts for your buddies, boyfriends, husbands. When you are choosing them, we would recommend one that would best suit their tastes, hobbies and other interests. Of course, it would be great if you take note of the above-mentioned points and the recipient will be delighted with your gift.

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