10 Good Reasons Why You Should Wear Cufflinks

Have you ever stood at the shirts' section and wondered if you should ever get that piece of French cuff shirt? Or did your significant other buy you one and you stare at her wondering "When will I ever wear this?" or "How am I going to wear this?"

So here we are to provide you with a list of fairly good reasons, some compelling, to put on that pair of cufflinks:

1. To fasten your shirt cuffs!

The single most obvious reason why you need cufflinks, unless you roll up your sleeves whenever you put on any shirt. Many years ago, tailor designed shirts to be fastened with decorative buttons and chains to fasten those sleeves. Today, these buttons and chains have evolved into an wide array of designs from sleek polished metal finishes to that little yellow steamroller.

2. Real men accessorise themselves

We're not advocating that you put on loads of bling from head to toe, but accessories do make the look. You do not need to have a fanciful pair of cufflinks, but let's say if your outfit is rather monochromatic, a pair of metallic cufflinks with some crystals will help break the monotony.

3. Not all cufflinks are created equal

What we're trying to say is that not all cufflinks that look expensive are priced sky-high. At The Cufflink Shoppe, our store brings you both affordable and eye-catching cufflinks. You don't have to break the bank to look great.

4. Dress to impress

Be it your job interview or your dinner date, cufflinks can be the real game-changer. Choosing the right pair of cufflinks can make you look more professional and clinch that dream job of yours, or make you look and perhaps feel like James Bond, giving you the newfound confidence to win your dream girl's heart.

5. The Hobbyist / Passionista

Show everyone that you love to play golf on weekends and play darts when you come back from work everyday, or just how nuts you about anything related to aviation.

6. Form and Function

We have seen cufflinks that look great, but how about cufflinks that look great and have a practical use as well? Think USB storage cufflinks or watch cufflinks that tell you the time.

7. Conversation piece

Wearing a unique pair of cufflinks to a social function may be the perfect conversation piece, be it for breaking the ice or the potential lifesaver for awkward moments of silence. Many have commented on these watch movement cufflinks  and have almost always asked if the parts actually move, from which one can carry on the conversation from there on.

8. Wear them on any day

Cufflinks need not be just for the office on work days, it can be on a casual dress-down Friday, your buddy's wedding dinner reception. 

9. Look wealthy, feel wealthy

Cufflinks can make one look wealthy, and some may even say that looking wealthy gets you preferential treatment. As much as the old saying which tells us not to judge a book by its cover, it is just natural that you are judged by how you dress.

10. Remember it this way

Put on that pair of cufflinks that you wore during your wedding march, or the vintage 18k gold pair of cufflinks that was passed down from your dad for your 21st birthday.

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